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Top 5 Metaverse & Gaming Tokens

What Are Metaverse Coins?Simply put, metaverse coins are the currency that people use in the metaverse. Coin holders can pay for anything within the 3D universe, from avatar clothing to real estate. They can also create and sell products, goods, or services within the platform. While some tokens are available for use only within their respective metaverses, others are available on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance.But more than an in-game cur...
DATE: Wed, 11th May. 2022. 1:09pm

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies In May 2022

1. Bitcoin (BTC)Market cap: Over £537 billionCreated in 2009 by someone using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin (BTC) is the original cryptocurrency. As with most cryptocurrencies, BTC runs on a blockchain, or a ledger logging transactions distributed across a network of thousands of computers. Because additions to the distributed ledgers must be verified by solving a cryptographic puzzle, a process called proof of work, Bitcoin is kept se...
DATE: Mon, 9th May. 2022. 1:53pm

Crypto Coin vs. Token: What’s the Difference?

Coins and tokens both represent a store of value, much like fiat currency, such as dollars, euros, yen, etc. But there’s a crucial difference: digital coins are a form of money, while digital tokens represent something that can be assigned a price.Coins and tokens both appear on a blockchain, an encrypted record of digital transactions–a ledger that is accessible to anyone. The Ethereum blockchain, for example, is a record of Ether coin trans...
DATE: Fri, 6th May. 2022. 12:55pm

Glossary In Blockchain

Here are some common crypto terms you need to know.Address: An address is a string of characters that functions as a place where individuals can receive, store, or send cryptocurrency. Like a telephone number or zip code, every crypto address is unique.Altcoin: Altcoin means all cryptocurrencies that aren’t Bitcoin ( and in some contexts, Ether). The phrase is used matter-of-factly to describe various other cryptocurrencies.Bitcoin Maximalist: ...
DATE: Wed, 4th May. 2022. 3:56pm

ARK is Now Available for Trading on Instantexchangers

ARK has been added to Instantexchangers allowing buys/sells/swaps and more of the ARK Coin.You can access the automated exchange platform through the following means and start instant exchanges;Instantexchangers website; telegram bot; download the mobile app which is available both on Google Play; or Apple store;
DATE: Thu, 28th Apr. 2022. 9:09am

Understanding Cryptocurrency

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a global fascination with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many more. Although most people understand that cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology, there are still many misunderstandings: What is blockchain, how it works, and why is it important?What is blockchain?Blockchain is a technology that supports the process of recording transactions. The first use of blockchain was to create a...
DATE: Tue, 26th Apr. 2022. 11:56am