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Have you been looking for the best platform to buy and invest in cryptocurrency? InstantExchangers is one of the safest crypto buying sites and can be a perfect solution to your crypto investing needs. Buying Perfect Money, Webmoney, Paypal, Bitcoin, Skype credit, litecoin, Monero, Ripple etc in Nigeria or anywhere in the world is very easy on instantexchangers. You can buy as low as 10$ for any cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and digital currency such as perfect money, webmoney, advcash USD etc. Kindly note that verification is required before you can buy any digital assets. If you are buying bitcoin, perfect money, USDT or any other cryptocurrencies, we have 3 payment options for you which are Bank Transfers within Nigeria, Cash Deposit in any bank in Nigeria and internal wallet funding

Verifying your account with us gives you unlimited access to our services, you will be able to buy Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paypal etc via whatsapp, instant wallet, cash deposit and Bank Transfer (737, Mobile App) more so, you will have unlimited purchase limit

  • How to Buy Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Webmoney and other digital assets on instantexchangers

    1.You need to REGISTER with our website and login into your account (if you are already a registered member please login).

    2. After you have registered and logged in, click on Verify Account by the left side menu of the member area dashboard and select PROCEED buttom to start your verification process.

    Buy Crypto InstantExchangers

    3. We have 2 verification options which are (1) Id card upload and whatsapp video call verification and (2) Face capture and ID card upload. Both verification options are valid means of validating your IDENTITY. As soon as you conclude with your verification, click on BUY on the left menu option.

    Buy Crypto InstantExchangers

    4. After clicking on the BUY link, complete the order form by selecting the currency you intend to buy, fill in the amount you need in USD, indicate your currency account you wish to receive funds into and Select pay with Instant Wallet. You will need to add funds into your wallet via the add funds link. You can add funds with bank transfer or cash deposit. As soon as you add funds, the amount added will reflect in the instant wallet pay with option. As soon as funds is in it, select instant wallet and click on PROCEED.

    5. After clicking on PROCEED, it takes you to the order preview page where you have to cross check all the provided informations are correct. After confirming all your informations, accept terms and condition and PROCEED

    Buy Crypto InstantExchangers
    6. After clicking on PROCEED, it takes you to the successful order page. Your order will be completed and funds will be sent to your account in less than 15 mins during working hours and days.

    Buy Crypto InstantExchangers