Automatic Cryptocurrency Exchange

Exchange Rate

Currency Quantity You Buy (NGN) You Sell (NGN) Our Reserve
Perfectmoney 1-100,000 560 510 Available
Bitcoin 1-100,000 580 530 Available
Ethereum 1-100000 627 500 Available
Paypal 1-100,000 605 Available
Bitcoin Cash 1-100,000 594 500 Available
Webmoney 1-100,000 605 Available
Payeer 1-100,000 577 500 Available
Litecoin 1-100,000 594 480 Available
Skype credit 1 - 100000 605 Available
Monero 1-100000 594 500 Available
Ripple 1-10000 594 480 Available
Dogecoin 1-100000000 594 500 Available
Dash 1-1000 594 500 Available
Zcash 1-10000 594 480 Available
ADVcash USD 1-100000 594 500 Available
Ethereum Classic 1-10000 594 480 Available
Perfect Money EURO 1-100000 673 550 Available
Skrill USD 1-100000 661 Available
Binance Coin BNB 1-100000 604 500 Available
Tether ERC20 - USDT 500-1000000 604 Available
NEM - XEM 100 - 100000 604 500 Available
Stellar - XLM 100 - 100000 604 500 Available
TRON - TRX 100 - 1000000 604 500 Available
Polkadot - DOT 100 - 1000000 604 500 Available
Shiba Inu - Ethereum Network ERC20 100 - 1000000 750 Available
Tezos - XTZ 100 - 100000 604 500 Available
Cardano - ADA BEP20 100 - 100000 604 500 Available
Solana (SOL) 50-100000 635 500 Available
Shiba Inu - BEP20 Network 50 - 100000 750 500 Available
Polygon MATIC - ERC20 Network 100 - 100000 644 500 Available
Algorand 100 - 1000000 610 500 Available
Tether USDT - TRC20 10 - 1000000 594 500 Available
PancakeSwap - CAKE BEP20 20 - 100000 595 500 Available
GateChain Token GT ERC20 100 - 100000 969 500 Available
NANO 20 - 1000000 595 500 Available
iExec RLC ERC20 100 - 1000000 969 500 Available
CELSIUS - CEL ERC20 100 - 1000000 960 500 Available
QTUM 10 - 1000000 595 500 Available
Bancor BNT ERC20 100 - 100000 950 500 Available
Fantom - FTM ERC20 100 - 100000 950 500 Available


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Whatever it is that you want to buy, be it Perfectmoney. Bitcoin. Ethereum. Paypal. Bitcoin Cash. Webmoney. Payeer. Litecoin. Skype credit. Monero. Ripple. Dogecoin. Dash. Zcash. ADVcash USD. Ethereum Classic. Perfect Money EURO. Skrill USD. Binance Coin BNB. Tether ERC20 - USDT. NEM - XEM. Stellar - XLM. TRON - TRX. Polkadot - DOT. Shiba Inu - Ethereum Network ERC20. Tezos - XTZ. Cardano - ADA BEP20. Solana (SOL). Shiba Inu - BEP20 Network. Polygon MATIC - ERC20 Network. Algorand. Tether USDT - TRC20 . PancakeSwap - CAKE BEP20. GateChain Token GT ERC20. NANO. iExec RLC ERC20. CELSIUS - CEL ERC20. QTUM. Bancor BNT ERC20. Fantom - FTM ERC20. We will process your payment seamlessly without stress.
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Nice services over the year, a confirmed proven record of excellent. keep the good work going!

ben 4real 31 May, 2019

Your services have been satisfactory and evolving.I have been with you guys for years now and have no regrets. Even on weekends, you still deliver. Kudos.

King 24 Nov, 2017

If you are looking for fast crediting, and you go elsewhere well, you are totally on your own. Bcos there is no one faster than these guys and trustworthy too!!!

Nazo 11 Nov, 2013

The truth of the matter is, I have contacted several PM partners with big ratings but none has compared to IE, they are the best as far as I am concerned. My first experience in PM that would have cost me about 2m was resolved and money was recovered. I give it to IE anytime any day. Thanks guys

Akinsiun Olanrewaju 13 Mar, 2017

Ur service is the best keep it up and God bless this company

Omegu Catherine chioma 10 Apr, 2017

yes Instantexchangers has served me well, i have been using it since 2010 and they have always been coming up stronger. May God be with Instantexchanger.

Godwin Sunday Segun 09 Oct, 2017

sure transacting site.. this is really good for nigeria and nigerians.. such honesty is unrivalled in this business

davidarthur 02 Sep, 2015

yes it fast and reliable

Ngozi Uwajeh 17 Aug, 2016

I have and always gotten good experience with this platform. Please keep the good work going on, we do appreciate you.

Gerrald Tagz 16 Oct, 2017

I am really enjoy your service in term of fast transaction and your website is friendly and easy to use.

Kolawole Peter 24 Oct, 2017

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We have many payment options, we accept Cash Deposit, Internet Banking transfers, Instant Wallet, JostPay, Perfect Money, Quick Teller, Western Union, Interswitch, VISA, MasterCard, Verve Cards.

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Our Guarantees

Instant Exchangers is a leading e-currency service provider in Nigeria specializing in the buying, selling and exchanging of Perfectmoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Paypal, Bitcoin Cash, Ecoin, Webmoney, Payeer, Litecoin, Okpay, Skype credit, Monero, Ripple, Dogecoin, Dash, Zcash, ADVcash USD, Ethereum Classic and lots more. We grew from a scale business enterprise of less than 10,000 Naira daily sales volume to more than 1,000,000 naira. We have vast experience in e-currency services coupled with an experience service delivery team. Therefore, we are more than equal to any task. We are driven by a vision to provide reliable and affordable e-currency exchange services and have adopted several mission objectives to achieve this. Our service delivery is second to none and we are giving you a 100% assurance that you will never regret when you patronise our service for any form of exchange. Patronise us today and experience quality service delivery and professionalism.