Rate API

Our rate API allows you to make request to our platform to know the current buy and sell rates of cryptocurrencies once every 15 minutes. This API allows you to keep track of real-time crypto prices and plan trading strategies accordingly. To use the Rate API and start getting the crypto prices, please note the following:

  • You can only send one request every 15 minutes
  • All request must be post request
  • Request must be sent to https://instantexchangers.net/rateapi
  • The request post fields are: "email" and "password". These are the parameters you will normally use to login to your instantexchangers account
  • All request will return a json containing "status" and "result" keys. When your request is successful, the "status" field will be true and the result field will contain the currencies each with fields "id", "item", "buy_price", "sell_price". When your request is not successful, the "status" field will be false and the result field will contain reason why it was not successful
Check below for sample of a request and response

Sample in PHP

$msg["email"] = "[email protected]";
$msg["password"] = "user_password";
$curl = curl_init();
curl_setopt_array($curl, array(
CURLOPT_URL => "https://instantexchangers.net/rateapi",
$response = curl_exec($curl);
$err = curl_error($curl);

// failed request because more than 1 request was made in 15 mins
// "{"status":false,"result":"more than request in 15 mins"}"

// successful request
// "{"status":true,
// "result":[{"id":"1","item":"Perfectmoney","buy_price":"445","sell_price":"425"},
//  {"id":"4","item":"Bitcoin","buy_price":"450","sell_price":"425"},
//  {"id":"126","item":"Ethereum","buy_price":"475","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"114","item":"Paypal","buy_price":"480","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"125","item":"Bitcoin Cash","buy_price":"475","sell_price":"390"},
//  {"id":"115","item":"Ecoin","buy_price":"470","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"116","item":"Webmoney","buy_price":"470","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"117","item":"Payeer","buy_price":"470","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"118","item":"Litecoin","buy_price":"470","sell_price":"390"},
//  {"id":"124","item":"Skype credit","buy_price":"470","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"127","item":"Monero","buy_price":"470","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"128","item":"Ripple","buy_price":"470","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"129","item":"Dogecoin","buy_price":"470","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"130","item":"Dash","buy_price":"470","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"131","item":"Zcash","buy_price":"470","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"132","item":"ADVcash USD","buy_price":"470","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"133","item":"Ethereum Classic","buy_price":"470","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"134","item":"Perfect Money EURO","buy_price":"520","sell_price":""},
//  {"id":"135","item":"Skrill USD","buy_price":"480","sell_price":""}]}"