Referral Programme

We have brought you the crypto refer and earn program so that you can generate extra revenue apart from your cryptocurrency trading profits by referring your friends and family to use our platform for their cryptocurrency exchange. You get 1% commission from all your referree transaction which can either be buy or exchange. For global participation, we pay affiliate referral earnings in USDT

  • How to Activate your Referral Affiliate Link

    1. You need to REGISTER with our website and login into your account (if you are already a registered member please login).

    2. After you have registered and logged in, click AFFILIATE REWARDS by the left menu section on your dashboard.

    InstantExchangers Referral Programme

    3. To activate your referral affiliate link, you are required to provide your USDT TRC details for withdrawals. Please note that, you will receive 1% commission on either buy or exchange trades from all your referrals transaction for 1 year, as soon as your earning is up to 10$ USDT, you can request for a withdrawal. Copy and paste your USDT TRC address details and click ACTIVATE AFFILIATE PROGRAM

    InstantExchangers Referral Programme

    4. After clicking ACTIVATE AFFILIATE PROGRAM, it will load your referral affiliate dashboard, you will see your affiliate ID, multiple affiliate links, exchanges, traffic statistics, withdrawal history ,your earnings etc. Kindly copy your affiliate link and share with your friends, website, blogs or any other traffic generating avenue. Good luck as you make your way into generating an amazing revenue stream.

    InstantExchangers Referral Programme