Reseller Programme

Generate an amazing revenue stream by using our instantnetpay platform specifically designed for resellers and people intending to buy cryptocurrency in bulk. instant netpay is a virtual account created on website, the platform enables you to trade (buy or sell) ecurrency at a more cheaper rates. The minimum funding amount is 200,000 NGN. The process to start buying & reselling with our instant netpay reseller program, as well as the benefits of using instant netpay are outlined below.

  • Benefits of INSTANT NETPAY

    1. You have so many options of services to trade. Services ranging from Perfectmoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Paypal, Bitcoin Cash, Ecoin, Webmoney, Payeer, Litecoin, Okpay, Skype credit, Monero, Ripple, Dogecoin, Dash, Zcash, ADVcash USD, Ethereum Classic

    2. There are NO charge for using instantnetpay.
    3. All Orders are completed within 30 minutes.
    4. You will make more profits from our discount.
    5. Its easy to start and use the platform.

  • How to Sign Up for instantnetpay reseller account

    1. You have to REGISTER a personal account first on our website (if you are already a regsitered member please login).

    2. After you have registered and logged in, click on RESELLER REQUEST by the left side menu of the member area dashboard and click the button REQUEST.

    InstantExchangers Crypto Reseller Programme

    3. After clicking on REQUEST, you will get a successful reponse that your reseller account has been activated. An activation email will be sent to you so, you need to check your email immediately for login details into your reseller account. The login details you will receive will include your email and a passsword

    4. After receiving your activation email and password, you need to logout of your personal account and login into your reseller account with the login information you received in your email.

    InstantExchangers Crypto Reseller Programme

    5. As soon as you login, it is required that you change your password to anyone you can remember.

    InstantExchangers Crypto Reseller Programme

    6. As soon as you update your password, you will get a response for successful password update. Click on Dashboard and your account is read for business. You can fund your netpay account and start Selling.

    InstantExchangers Crypto Reseller Programme

    7. As soon as you fund your account with minimum deposit (200,000 NGN), you can start selling to your custom by using your reseller balance to buy at discount rate from us and you will input your customers ecurrency account directly for funding.

    InstantExchangers Crypto Reseller Programme

    7. See our discount rate below. Goodluck in your business.

    Discount Rate

    Resellers are given special discount on normal rate. Below is the table rate applicable to resellers

    Currency/Services You Buy
    Perfectmoney 1574 NGN
    Bitcoin 1579 NGN
    Ethereum 1579 NGN
    Paypal 1574 NGN
    Webmoney 1572 NGN
    Payeer 1572 NGN
    Litecoin 1575 NGN
    Skype credit 1570 NGN
    Monero 1578 NGN
    Ripple 1579 NGN
    Dogecoin 1579 NGN
    Binance Coin BSC 1578 NGN
    TRON - TRX 1577 NGN
    Polygon 1580 NGN
    Tether TRC 1577 NGN
    Tether BEP20 1578 NGN
    Tether Polygon 1578 NGN