Your Perfect Crypto Selling Platform

Selling cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash is very easy here. By using this platform, you can easily sell or exchange crypto in Nigeria or anywhere around the globe. As soon as you sell, payment hit your Bank account within 5 - 45 mins after confirmation of your sales.Please note, you can only sell Perfect money, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash only. And to learn how to sell cryptocurrency using our platform, read the following instructions given below.

  • How to Sell Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash on instantexchangers

    1. You need to REGISTER with our website and login into your account (if you are already a registered member please login).

    2. After you have registered and logged in, click on SELL by the left side menu of the member area dashboard.

    Sell Crypto on InstantExchangers

    3. After clicking on SELL, fill the order form by selecting the ecurrency you wish to sell, amount you wish to sell, your bank details to receive naira payment after selling and click on PROCEED.

    4. After clicking on PROCEED, the next page is the confirmation preview page. On this page you need to confirm your bank details and see that all is correct. Also on this page, total amount to be paid into your bank account is displayed for your confirmation. Accept terms and click PROCEED

    Sell Crypto on InstantExchangers

    5. After clicking PROCEED, it takes you to payment gateway where you proceed to make your sales. As soon as you conclude your sales, your order will be completed and funds will be sent into your Bank account within 5-45 mins. Please note, as for Bitcoin, litecoin and bitcoin cash, it need to get to 1 confirmation before payment will be remitted into your Bank account.